Names Of Angels Of God and Their Duties: 15 Archangels Of The Bible

Names Of Angels Of God

Names Of Angels Of God: Angels were created by God before humanity, and they are referenced in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles in various forms, names, and locations. Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Uriel, and Zadkiel are the names of the 15 principal angels. These angels are classified into three groups: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. The Seraphim are the closest to the Most Holy Trinity, with six wings.

Before God created humans on Earth, he created angels, which are spiritual beings. In this article, we will cover the Names of Angels of God and Their Duties: 15 Archangels of the Bible.

So let’s have deep dive into it.

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Names Of Angels Of God and Their Duties

God created angels to praise Him after the creation of the Earth, as stated in Genesis.

Angels are described in the Bible as celestial beings who carry out the will of God or other heavenly entities.

Although angels are involved in terrestrial concerns, their primary mission is to serve God and help humanity.

While they may not have boundless power, they do have extraordinary talents that set them apart from mortals.

Angels may be assigned certain tasks and functions in terms of their titles and duties by God or those who beseech them for assistance.

Angels are messengers who deliver messages from God to humans on Earth or other heavenly creatures in heaven.

The existence of angels is documented in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Angels, according to biblical traditions, are supernatural ambassadors sent by God to perform activities on His behalf.

Angels are regarded as created creatures created by God prior to the creation of humanity.

Although angels are not usually ascribed to gender in religious scriptures, they are generally connected with masculine pronouns and depicted as either male or female beings with wings.

According to biblical traditions, the morality of angels is decided by the reason for which they were dispatched, with some deemed benevolent and others considered wicked.

Angels are depicted in the Bible as having human-like forms, including human-like countenances and wings.

Angels can manifest in bodily form in the presence of humans, but they can also take on numerous shapes.

When we think of angels, we may see towering, fair-haired people dressed in white and equipped with long, feathered wings.

What are the 9 levels of angels – What is the name of the Archangels’ Order?

Angels are a distinct class of spiritual beings, each with its own designation and purpose in the creation’s order.

Angels are divided into ranks or spheres, each of which corresponds to a different degree or dimension of existence. What are the nine angelic ranks?

The top three layers, which include seraphim, cherubim, and thrones, are linked to the highest level of paradise (the third heaven).

The six lower spheres, on the other hand, which include dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels, are connected with lower levels of life.

What is the Greatest Rank of Angels?

After discussing the angel hierarchy, you may be wondering about the highest echelon and the identity of the superior angel.

The greatest position is held by the Seraphim, who are God’s messengers and live closest to Him.

Lucifer, the highest-ranking angel, was once the most powerful and gorgeous, but he has since been dubbed the devil, destroyer, and bringer of light.

Michael is now the most elevated and powerful angel.

Names of Angels in the Bible and Their responsibilities

In the Bible, there are fifteen major Names of angels of God, each with a distinct purpose.

In the next parts, We shall list the names of angels of God recorded in the Bible, as well as their roles, and investigate the first occurrences of their mention in the sacred text.


The only mention of Ariel in the Bible is in the Book of Isaiah, and the origin of this angel’s affiliation with the name is unknown.

Ariel, which translates as “God’s lion,” may also refer to a “God’s lioness.”

While some accounts describe Ariel as a boy, feminine representations are more common.

Ariel is thought to rule over the air and its components, including birds, breezes, and weather.

The angel is also in charge of protecting and restoring animals, plants, and natural elements like water, wind, and fire.

As the archangel of humanity, Ariel is in charge of everything related to humans.

This involves healing individuals, safeguarding and guiding them through their lives, and assisting them in discovering their actual identities and their purpose.

Azrael – The Angel of Death

Angel Azrael is a religious and cultural figure who is frequently connected with death and the afterlife.

His name means “whoever God assists,” and he is also known as the Grim Reaper. Azrael is in charge of transporting the souls of the dead to the hereafter and is also said to be in possession of a scroll that records the fate of mortals. 

While Azrael is not mentioned by name in the Bible, he is alluded to indirectly as the “Angel of Death.” 

Azrael is the most prominent angel in Jewish belief because of his role in transporting the dying person’s spirit from the body.


Chamuel is known as the angel of love, beauty, and joy, as well as the “Angel of Peace” and the “Angel of Strength.”

Chamuel is a gentle and caring angel who wishes to see people happy and content in all aspects of their existence. He may assist people in finding their soul mates or twin flames if they have yet to meet them, as well as in repairing damaged relationships from the past.

Chamuel is shown as a female in certain portrayals, however, this may change based on one’s perspective and relationship.

Chamuel first appears in the Bible in the Book of Daniel, when he appears to Daniel in a dream.

Chamuel came to give Daniel strength during his exile and to help him pray for the people of Israel.


Angel Gabriel is regarded as one of the most significant angels in the Judeo-Christian tradition due to his high status as a messenger of God, particularly in matters of revelation. 

The name Gabriel is derived from the Hebrew word “Gabriel,” which means “God is my strength” or “man of God.” 

Gabriel appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, where he delivers divine messages to many individuals, including the Virgin Mary and the prophet Daniel. 

Gabriel is also revered in Islam for allegedly revealing Qur’anic passages to Prophet Muhammad while they were in a cave on Mount Hira. Although several angels are referenced in the Quran, Gabriel is only named by name once.


Angel Haniel, a member of the Order of Principalities and a high-ranking archangel, is associated with love, peace, and knowledge.

Haniel acts as a direct link between human energy and the higher energy levels of the celestial realms, having authority over water and all its accompanying emotions, moods, and dreams.

Haniel’s name, as one of the seven archangels in the Hebrew faith, signifies “the kindness of God” or “joy of God.”

While the Bible doesn’t say much about this angel, Jewish legend presents Haniel as an angel in charge of love and justice, especially of weddings and partnerships.

Haniel teaches compassion and kindness, as well as how to cure oneself and others.


Jeremiel, also known as the angel of visions and dreams, is said to be a supernatural messenger who sends God’s words to individuals who are distressed or dejected.

Jeremiel’s name signifies “God’s kindness.” He is the angel that presides over authentic visions in the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha book 2 Baruch.

Jeremiel assists persons seeking direction in interpreting visions. For example, he explained to Baruch that the vision of black and brilliant water represented human sin and its ruin of the world, while the shining water represented God’s intervention to graciously heal humanity.

Individuals who seek Jeremiel’s assistance are typically wanting to assess their life and determine what adjustments they need to make.

Jophiel – Archangel of Beauty

Angel Jophiel is well-known for providing clarity into people’s lives. This strong angel may provide direction and comfort to individuals who are lost or bewildered.

Whether you’re having trouble making a huge choice or figuring out how to achieve something on your to-do list, Jophiel can help you find the solutions that are already inside you.

Jophiel’s name means “God’s beauty,” and she is frequently connected with assisting individuals in seeing the beauty in their life and the world around them.

Her advice can help you recognize the positive parts of your life and find joy and happiness even in the most difficult circumstances.


Angel Metatron is the ruler of both the Earth and the celestial realms, as well as God’s messenger. This angel is also known as the presence angel.

Metatron’s function as the scribe of Heaven and Earth, as well as the angel of prayer, is to record all that happens on Earth and in Heaven. He possesses immense wisdom, and his capacity to assist mankind in seeking angelic direction is based on his deep awareness of the universe’s mysteries.

Metatron is seen as an archangel in Jewish mysticism, guarding God’s throne and acting as a mediator between God and man. Many Jews think that this celestial creature answers prayers.

Metatron is portrayed in modern interpretations as an angelic creature who may assist persons in achieving their objectives and desires.


The Lord of the Hosts, the archangel Michael, is the leader of the angels in heaven.

He is usually recognized as one of the most powerful angels, with names such as “The Mighty Prince,” “The Shining One,” “The Conqueror,” “Prince of Light,” “The Loyal and True,” and “The Glory of God.”

In Jewish belief, Michael is regarded as Israel’s guardian angel and their sole protector from God’s wrath at times of sin retribution.

In Christianity, he is frequently portrayed as a warrior who confronts evil, even Satan himself.

He is also recognized for his compassion and kind temperament, which he uses to protect youngsters and people who are ill or dying.


Angel Raguel is renowned as the angel of both justice and peace. He’s been tasked with supervising the laws and regulations that govern our planet.

In both Jewish and Christian traditions, Raguel’s functions and obligations have remained unchanged. He has been tasked with keeping fallen angels and demons under control and punishing anybody who crosses their boundaries.

He is also known as the angel that destroys evil spirits and casts fallen angels into Hell. Angel Raguel is one of the rare angels that does not condemn people based on their past wrongdoings, but rather on what they are capable of doing in the future.

He used his heavenly abilities to uncover individuals who have been harmed and aid them in seeking justice.

Angel Raguel also advocates world peace by asking people to forgive one another and live in harmony with one another.


Raphael, the archangel of healing, promotes self-love, happiness, and wealth by channeling the spirit of love.

His name means “God hath healed” or “God heals,” and he is also known as the angel of physicians and healing.

Raphael is one of the seven archangels referenced in both the Old and New Testaments, and he appears in the Book of Tobit, assisting Tobias in healing his father’s blindness.

If you are suffering from physical disease or wounds, you might ask Raphael to heal and assist your body in recovery.

You can also ask Raphael to help you discover inner calm and clarity of mind if you are facing emotional or mental pain.


Raziel, the angel in charge of secrets and disclosures, is the keeper of heavenly wisdom.

His title, “The Keeper of Secrets,” emphasizes his elevated position.

He is referenced in the Book of Enoch for the first time and is regarded as a pivotal character in Jewish mysticism.

Raziel is one of three angels that visited Abraham in Judaism and is notable for documenting all of God’s pardoned sins since genesis.

He is a Christian archangel linked with alchemy, astrology, magic, and the Kabbalah.

Raziel, according to Kabbalah, discloses heavenly mysteries to humanity.

He can assist people in understanding their former incarnations, life purpose, and how to accomplish it.


Sandalphon is an angel whose name is said to be Greek in origin, meaning “together” or “brother.”

His name is also linked to his relationship with Metatron, who is said to be his brother.

Sandalphon’s major job is to gather the faithful’s prayers and bring them to God as an offering.

He is reported to have to make a prayer garland and deliver it to the King of Kings.

Sandalphon is constantly looking over us and loving us unconditionally, especially through difficult times like illness or divorce.

Sandalphon is one of the four archangels that stand before God’s throne and sing praises to Him in unison, according to the Book of Enoch.

He is recognized as the angel who receives human beings in Kabbalah.


According to the Bible, the angel Uriel is the angel of wisdom who illuminates God’s truth to people seeking knowledge and answers.

Uriel’s name means “God is my light” and “fire of God” in Hebrew, and he is frequently seen clutching a scroll or book.

While he is connected with the intellect and everything that it entails, such as creativity, thoughts, and philosophy, he also acts as a reminder to humanity that they should only worship God.

As danger threatens, Uriel gives counsel, and protection, and removes impediments. As the guardian of the underworld’s entrance and the gatekeeper of heaven, he has the authority to allow or reject admittance to God’s realm.


Zadkiel is an angel whose name means “God’s holiness.” He is also known as “the protector of those who sleep in death.”

Zadkiel is typically pictured with a broad sword that signifies his strength against evil powers, in addition to being recognized as “the one who enlightens justice” or “who makes things right for humanity.”

As a heavenly healer, he may provide solace to individuals who are ill or bereaved of loved ones.

This angel represents liberty, kindness, and charity. He is also the patron angel of forgiveness, assisting people in letting go of the past and moving on with their life.

Zadkiel supports people in attaining inner peace and calm, as well as relaxing their thoughts and alleviating suffering.

If you have been through a terrible situation and are having problems moving on, Zadkiel can help you release the pain and begin to live a fulfilled life.


Finally, the Bible’s 15 archangels are venerated characters in many faiths and spiritual traditions. These angels are said to function as messengers and protectors of God’s divine will, with special responsibilities to assist mankind.

Each angel has a specific job to play, from healing to protection, knowledge to justice. Anyone can connect with the divine and find comfort and strength in tough times by calling on these angels and asking for their direction and support.

For anyone seeking spiritual advice and assistance, knowing the names of these angels and their roles is essential.

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